Four comfortable and relaxing saunas


Dry Salt Sauna

Relax, cleanse and build immunity

Experience a place perfect for your health and well-being. The ideal temperature, humidity and air saturation with trace elements from Himalayan salt will make you feel their beneficial effects after just one session. You will cleanse your body of toxins, moisturize your skin and improve your overall well-being.

Salt sauna is a colder sister of the traditional Finnish sauna – the temperature applied in it is 60 – 70 ° C, and the humidity level is 5 – 20%, so it is a great solution for people who are not fond of the dominant feeling of heat of the traditional sauna or have contraindications to stay in high temperatures.

The therapeutic effect of the salt sauna will put anyone who feels tired, overworked or stressed back on their feet. With the calming sounds of relaxing music, tension in the muscles disappears, the body absorbs minerals from the salt water, is cleansed of toxins, and the skin becomes moisturized, smoothed and well-tightened. Sessions in the dry sauna are recommended for people with immunity problems and frequent infections of the upper respiratory tract, as well as cellulite.

Inhale deeply, and the salutary effect of crystal clear Himalayan salt will get rid of harmful mucus and effectively cleanse the respiratory tract.

Infrared Sauna

Warm bath in infrared

The Infrared Sauna at the Brzeźno Palace is a unique room in every aspect. Instead of traditional stoves, it uses infrared rays, so you can enjoy its beneficial effects at a temperature as low as 40°C. This allows for a comprehensive effect – the Infrared sauna is number one in the fight against pain, obesity and cellulite. In addition, the power of infrared is enhanced by the beneficial properties of Himalayan crystalline salt, which is located in the salt panel in the sauna. This unique combination, which you will not find in any other place in Poland, will support the body in the fight against rheumatic, skin and respiratory diseases, while regenerating and detoxifying the whole body.

The magic of infrared rays lies primarily in the fact that they penetrate the skin extremely deeply – warming tissues to a depth of about 4 cm. The body in the Infrared sauna sweats more intensively than in the Finnish sauna, so you will most effectively excrete toxins from the entire body, and in addition, during one session you will burn up to 900 kcal, as much as after running 10 km.

Infrared sauna means optimal heating temperature (40-50°C), reducing cellulite, effectively moisturizing the skin and improving blood circulation in the body. It’s a great way to combat excess weight, muscle pain, as well as post-traumatic injuries or eczema, ulcers and other skin imperfections. Infrared baths are a truly comprehensive way to improve the condition of the entire body.


Finnish Dry Sauna

A cleansing ceremony for the body and soul

The Finnish sauna is a traditional bathing ritual, during which you will feel the power of hot, dry air and the soothing effects of cool water. Alternating heating and cooling will expel toxins from the body, toughen the body and prepare the body to fight infections. Temperature changes are the best natural way to boost immunity. Dilated by heat, blood vessels contract at once, stimulating the circulatory system and the immune system.

Cleansing and relaxation – these are the words that best describe the power of the Finnish dry sauna. Heavily heated up to 110°C, the air causes the pores of the skin to dilate, through which metabolic products are expelled, and at the same time forces the metabolism to work more intensively – an additional 300 kcal are burned in the process.

During a session in a Finnish sauna, muscles that are tense after a day’s work, relax, and the nervous system can slow down and rest for a while. Heat spreads throughout the body, and galloping thoughts slow down to focus on the drops of sweat running down the skin. The intense heat will also have a salutary effect on women’s problems. In the Finnish sauna, lying comfortably on a bench will reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or inflammation of the appendages.

Steam Bath

A beneficial compress for the skin and respiratory tract

This is a place with an unusual aura – marble mosaic, steaming water, the smell of essential oils and soft light will wrap your body like a warm, fragrant compress. Here you will regenerate and oxygenate your entire body, deeply moisturize your skin and respiratory tract.

In the steam bath, clouds of steam penetrate the skin, thoroughly cleanse and moisturize it, making it smooth and firm. Steam acts as a natural scrub, which, combined with a cool bath after a sauna session and wiping the skin with a rough towel, can work wonders!

The high humidity and moderate temperature of the steam bath reduce muscle tension and relax the mind. Steam with the addition of essential oils inhales and cleanses the respiratory tract, sinuses and bronchi. In addition, a visit to the steam bath also helps to reduce ailments associated with rheumatic diseases, for example, symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, joint and spinal stiffness, as well as muscle pain and tension.

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