Mini Golf

An exciting adventure with golf in the mini edition


The Mini Golf course at Brzeźno Palace is the only facility of its kind in the Wroclaw area. We created it with a view to all those for whom activity with family or friends is a favorite form of recreation. We have prepared for you 18 tracks, each of which offers a different, exciting challenge. The attractiveness of the game is further enhanced by the charming location of the mini course among trees and fruit bushes, which will shield you from the sun and provide juicy refreshment when needed.

Mini Golf is an excellent entertainment option for the whole family or a bunch of friends, as anyone can join the game. The fun of the game will be equally enjoyed by children and their parents. It is a relaxed and full of positive emotions social game with uncomplicated rules – the winner is the one who places the ball in the hole located at the end of the track with the least number of strokes.
In Brzeźno Palace we will provide you with the necessary equipment and explain the rules of the game. Let’s play!

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