Brine Graduation Tower

Intense inhalation of beneficial minerals


The graduation tower is a giant inhaler, with the help of which healing substances penetrate through the nasal mucous membranes and skin directly into the body. Intense inhalation is possible due to the unique combination of the graduation tower and the salt cave: the brine pumped directly onto the pine branches strongly evaporates, increasing the iodine content to the level present on the beach after three days of stormy weather!

The iodine and bromine present in the graduation room are your allies in the fight against many diseases: emphysema, sinusitis, hypertension, neurosis, allergies, skin diseases, arthritis or general exhaustion are just some examples. At the same time, it is the best and most natural way of treatment – without burdening the liver, veins and other organs.

Even if you do not suffer from chronic diseases, inhalations in the graduation tower will build your immunity for the long winter months: they will prevent runny noses, throat and laryngeal infections, protect against bronchitis. Finally, they will improve the overall condition of the body, acting as an antibacterial and cleansing agent.

The salt cave is also an excellent way for quick mental regeneration. Feeling fatigue, apathy, aversion to daily concernes? A dose of several therapeutic sessions can help, during which you simply sit comfortably on a deckchair, listen to the gentle murmur of water, breathe deeply, and the prevailing microclimate in the cave does its job: oxygenates the brain, provides the body with needed minerals, slows down breathing, calms down, positively inspires you to live.

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