Beer Baths

Relaxing bath in dried beer


A 50-minute session in a beer bath is primarily a bath in dried beer, which is a mixture of carefully selected natural ingredients that have been used in herbalism and natural medicine for years. Dried beer is an excellent alternative to baths based on a mixture of beer and warm water, which are often repelled by their very intense, irritating smell. The concoction we offer in the beer baths of the Brzeźno Palace is a 100% natural and pleasantly fragrant combination of hops, yeast and beer malt.

Such a mixture is a guarantee of well-deserved relaxation and the beneficial effect of ingredients rich in B vitamins, which have a particularly good effect on improving the condition of the skin and hair. It will smooth and firm the skin of the entire body, thus counteracting skin aging and the formation of wrinkles on it. Beer baths have an antifungal and antibacterial effect, and work well for dry and tired or acne-prone skin. They also support microcirculation in the body. The bath is enriched with a tasting of delicious beer and ends with a 10-minute relaxation.

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